You invade my dreams.

Like a thief in the night.

Calling into question so many things.


My integrity.

My virtue.

Who I am.

And who I love.


But you’re not real.

You’re a polaroid  from a camera now broken.

Which I damaged beyond repair


Then set fire to the bitch.



Cara Kimball

(edited, originally posted 24/01/16 on If Pandas Could Speak)

Permissions given by ©Cara Kimball

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Hi! My name is Cara and I am just your average girl. You know…panda and hug obsessed. I love to write to express deep emotions, so most of my poetry relates to my real life in some way. I am a mother of one and am currently perusing a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Its going to be a long journey, but I’ve never been one to shy from a little adventure. I am very happy to be apart of the PresserPoets community and I hope you enjoy my writings. You can see more of my poetry at my blog If Pandas Could Speak.


If you would like to see your work featured by PresserPoets, make sure to check out our submission guidelines.  Become part of a community that encourages poets to keep writing and helps them find an expanded audience.


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