Andrew Robinette

14039911_10205218873111852_6963618812565954432_nI am Andrew Robinette, a 30-year-old poet from western North Carolina. I am currently attending Western Carolina University for my Master’s Degree in English, with a focus in Creative Writing. I first started writing poetry when I was 16 years old, so I’ve been honing my skills in this most rewarding craft for nearly 15 years. My dream is to become a published writer in Poetry and Fiction (and writing my own television show would be amazing as well).

My favorite type of poetry to write is experimental, Free-Verse poetry about historical and cultural figures and events. I also enjoy creating fictional characters and writing poems about them. My greatest influences are the prose poetry of James Tate, the spoken-word poetry of Jeanann Verlee, the uniquely-formatted fiction of Mark Danielewski, and the musical lyrics of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Tori Amos.  Some of my favorite individual poems include Allen Ginsberg’s Howl, Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy”, Mark Strand’s “The Way It Is”, and Muriel Rukeyser’s “Despisals”.

My poetic philosophy is to always write, even if you do not feel like it. Like shells by the sea, there are nuggets of wisdom in every poem, and sometimes it’s cool and artistic to collect different shells for future projects. I do believe that mystical poetic muses exist, though sometimes inspiration requires patience and faith.

I also enjoy crafting best-of lists about my favorite things, like music albums/songs, poems, movies, etc. I am currently in the research/listening stage of constructing a book about my Top 1000 Favorite Songs of All-Time, as well as writing screenplay episodes for a television-show idea of mine called 51st Academies (about a mysterious and isolated boarding school in a future 51st state of America, where the students can never leave, and where the infamous PGN 666 course threatens to ruin everything and everyone.).
To check out my poetry, come visit my blog Tales From The Tome