General Submissions

If you would like to submit your poetry for posting on PresserPoets, please review and consider the guidelines below:

All submissions are to be sent to-

  • Please include the name, alias or signature you wish to be credited to your piece.
  • We welcome new original submissions. We also welcome pieces that have been previously published but only if they originate on your personal media with you as exclusive rights holder. 
  • If your submission has been previously posted on your personal site, please supply us with the URL so we can link back to it.
  • Please include URL links to any blogs or social media you would like readers to be directed to for more reading of your work.
  • Please include any featured images you wish attached to your submission. If no image is supplied, we will endeavor to choose something appropriate from our library.
  • Please include a short bio for yourself (100 words max).
  • If you would like to supply an audio reading of you work, please submit as an attachment in mp3 format along with your contribution, giving full permission for this to be added to our Sound Cloud library.

-If you would like to have audio included but not have your recording added to our library, please submit a link to your already uploaded recording. Please make sure this is public and shareable so we can add the reading to the post.

  • If you are submitting a visual presentation, please submit as an attachment in a format compatible with YouTube, giving full permission for this to be added to our YouTube channel.

-Please supply the description you wish to be used. If no description is provided, we will endeavor to write one that appropriately reflects the presentation.

-Please include the URL of any YouTube channel you would like the presentation to be linked back to.

Any submission with heavy sexual content (erotica/bdsm) will be rejected.

Once your submission is selected and scheduled into our posting calendar, we will notify you by e-mail of the date you can expect the feature to go live. We encourage you to share the posting and revisit periodically to reply and manage any comments you receive.

All rights remain with the author, with permissions given to PresserPoets for the posting of submissions on the PresserPoets blog and all other PresserPoets media for the purpose of gaining exposure for the author and their work.

All submissions are to be sent to-