Jordan Robinette

18817770_1457211301029971_1394907898_o (1)Hello there, my name is Jordan Robinette. Currently 23 years old, even though sometimes I feel older than that. I started writing in general at around age 9, and I started writing poetry when I was about age 12. Writing has always been therapeutic for me; a way to get out my frustrations and thoughts, instead of internalizing them.

I’d have to say, my favorite type of poetry is slam poetry. Those poets pour out their blood, sweat, and tears on that stage, spitting the most heartfelt words you could imagine. As for my own writing style though, I tend to write in a more depressive style with a romantic flair to it, in large part due to the fact that it fits with who I am and how my mind works.

I try to always write often, but we all know how life is. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time, or to find the inspiration. However, my philosophy is that if you can take those hard thoughts and put them into words on a page, it tends to be some of your best work.

I don’t normally stick to a specific style of poetry. I like to dance around with different types of poetry; Free verse, Haikus, Tonka, etc. Free Verse is the style I typically use the most.

My favorite poet and inspiration is Charles Bukowski. His style of writing and the topics he writes about speak to me on a personal level, and I can almost understand what he possibly could’ve been feeling in his works.

I try to put my heart and soul into my poetry. My words are an extension of me, and as such should have part of me in them. After all, poetry is a window into the poet’s soul.

To view my poetry in it’s original habitat, check out my blog Lunar Cadence.